Andy Brush



Signature Custom “Raw”
Mouthpiece: Jody Jazz DV 7*
Ligature: Selmer twin screw
Reeds: Rico Jazz Select 3 soft (unfiled)

“These saxes are amazing”
These are truly incredible saxes that have all the warmth and character you need! It produces a big, fat and punchy sound that will make people want to listen. Intonation is perfect as are the ergonomics. Everything sits right under the fingers without the need for any big stretches!It’s like playing a vintage Mark 6 but, with a modern turbo charged engine!

“I highly recommend these saxes to students and professionals alike”


Yamaha 62 (Early one)
Mouthpiece:Handmade Dave Guardala
Ligature: Olegature
Reeds:Rico Jazz Select 3H (unfiled)


Signature Custom “Raw”
Mouthpiece: Jody Jazz Super Jet 7
Ligature: Rico H
Reeds: D’Addario Jazz Select 2H (unfiled)

This alto has a rich centred sound that is very reminiscent of my old Selmer Mark 6. The intonation on the Raw is far more accurate than the vintage horn. It feels very solid under the fingers and delivers everything from a breathy sub tone to a screaming altissimo. The rolled tone holes make it extremely easy for playing softly at minimal volume. The response of the altissimo’s is second to none. The horn feels robust in it’s construction. All in all, an awesome alto sax.


Electrovoice RE20
AMT Quantum 7 wireless system